About Us


Scarbro Construction was established in 1996 by three experienced construction personnel – Garry Scarborough, Peter de Nys and Paul Scarborough – joined shortly after by Peter Davis.

The company now celebrates a track record of successful projects – ranging from fit-outs, residential and commercial buildings – to large-scale concrete and apartment buildings.

Scarbro has a philosophy of employing its own workforce – as opposed to contract staff. Today the company has an experienced team of over 60 permanent staff – with many of its original employees still working within the business.

We believe our success is owed to our goal of fulfilling customer expectation through teamwork and co-operation – removing the atmosphere of confrontation often found in the construction industry.

“To be successful we must first understand the expectations of our clients, we recognise that substantial investments are being made, we are therefore committed to delivering projects that exceed all initial aspects of our customer’s expectation” – Garry Scarborough.

Scarbro Construction is a preferred supplier today for many developers and property owners with whom the company has formed strong and lasting relationships with.

“In our opinion, Scarbro Construction has been able to demonstrate that it has a very strong, dependable and loyal trade and supplier network. Scarbro has consistently been able to attain competitive pricing and rates that are the best available at the time. Scarbro Construction has a growing reputation as a fair and reliable contractor” – M. Russell, Rider Hunt.

Scarbro focus for the immediate future is:

– Secure a mixture of both large and small projects in various areas of the industry. Scarbro does not want to be seen as a specialist in one corner of the industry – We aim to maximise the varying skills of our team.

– Expand our client base with the likes of ‘blue chip’ companies, local authorities and growth areas such as education and retirement facilities – Finding clients that Scarbro can build long-term construction strategies with.

– Continue to successfully deliver all projects to our clients with their time, cost and quality objectives clearly met.

“We feel pride is all too often left out of the work place – this pride we believe sets our company apart from the rest. Scarbro Construction – Building on Reputation.”

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